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If you’re interested in finding a Chinese mail order bride then you might come across the Asian Beauties dating site. It’s certainly one of the better known Asian dating websites. Asian Beauties is operated by Anastastia International, who also run the widely known AnastasiaDate Russian dating site.

First up, Asian Beauties isn’t just for Chinese brides. You can find Asian ladies from a wide range of countries on the site. But Chinese ladies are by far the most numerous on Asian Beauties. With some rough math I’ve calculated that of the Asian ladies on the site, 80% are Chinese, 10% Filipino, 5% Thai, with the rest being made up of ladies from Cambodia, Vietnam and other Asian countries.

With over 9000 Chinese ladies on the site at the time of writing, you’ll have no shortage of profiles to browse through. China is awash with single ladies. You’ll find a vast range of ladies from professional girls to housewives, sexy models and girls who are far removed from what most people would consider to be Asian mail order brides. You’ll also find ladies from all over China – from Anshan to Zhuhai.

One interesting thing about Asian Beauties is that you’ll also find a few ladies from Kazakhstan. The Kazakhstan girls who look Asian but speak Russian are very exotic and worth a look. You might not find it too straightforward to visit them though.

How Asian Beauties Works

Asian Beauties works on a credits based system. The site is free to join, but you have to pay to contact the ladies on the site.

The site also works on the letter writing basis. Few Chinese women can speak or write much English. The site therefore has a small army of translators who will translate your English email you send to the lady and forward it to her in Chinese. They’ll then translate the lady’s response back into English.

The good thing about this is that it’s a good way for novices at Asian dating to chat to Asian women without knowing a word of Chinese. The downside is that it’s open to abuse. I had a few problems on the Chnlove (which uses a similar letter writing system).

Common problems you might encounter include:

  • You’ll be contacted by young and pretty girls way outside your sensible age difference range.
  • How do you even know that the lady you’re chatting to exists?
  • Ladies can be in a relationship, but their profile won’t always be removed from the site.
  • Some translators are better than others.
Don't understand the Chinese language? Asian Beauties allows you to chat to Chinese girls without knowing a single Chinese character

Don't understand the Chinese language? Asian Beauties allows you to chat to Chinese girls without knowing a single Chinese character

To be fair, I did meet a great girl through a letter writing site. And if you want to find a wife who speaks little English then this is a very convenient system for talking to her. However, I spent something like $400 in just a couple of months. By comparison, I paid less than $200 for a year’s membership of Chinese Love Links. For that I’ve chatted to dozens of girls, and I’ve actually visited half a dozen of them in China. Yes you’re more likely to encounter scam ladies on this type of site, but after a while you soon get to spot the tell tale signs of the romance scammers.

If you look at the ladies on Asian Beauties then you’ll probably be stunned at how beautiful they all look. Take this with a pinch of salt – most of the ladies have extremely airbrushed photos, and they won’t look like that in real life. White flawless skin is considered extremely beautiful in China, and women will use cosmetics and digital imagery to achieve this look. It’s a shame that the photos are often totally over the top, but this is very much a Chinese cultural thing. Heck, I’ve even dated women whose parents have had their baby photos retouched!

So if you’re interested in a woman you’ve seen on this site (or any other Chinese personals site) then don’t be afraid to ask her for natural photos of herself. And try to get to see her on webcam as well – the webcam doesn’t lie so much as photos do.

Date A Lady

For a fee Asian Beauties will set up a date with a particular lady so you can meet her in person in China. A translator will be provided, which helps if the girl you go to visit doesn’t speak much English. While this is an interesting service, it’s fairly expensive. It’s not hard to find translators in China, and if you hire your own translator then you can be more sure that they’re working in your best interests.

Of course, if you use another dating site to meet Chinese girls, then you can arrange to meet them for free! I’ve met a lot of Chinese girls in China, and I’ve never paid to set up a date (beyond buying the lady lunch or dinner of course!).

Gifts and Romance Tours

There are a few other services that Asian Beauties offers. There is a gifts and flowers service so that you can arrange for your favorite lady to receive gifts via the site. I’m not a big fan of these services – I’m of the opinion that you’re better off holding off on the gifts until you’ve got that engagement ring on her finger. Sending gifts is a slippery slope that usually ends up with you sending money to Asian girls, and that’s never a good thing.

Asian Beauties also offers occasional romance tours. If you want a Chinese wife but you’re apprehensive about travelling to China on your own then these singles tours are worth a look. Anastasia base their China romance tours on the Sichuan city of Chongqing. I’ll take my hats off to them on this one – Chongqing is a great place to find a very beautiful and exotic Chinese bride. I’d much prefer to find a bride in Chongqing than Shenzhen (in which A Foreign Affair base their own Chinese romantic tours). On the downside the Anastasia romance tours are pretty expensive, and there’s no guarantee you’ll find a bride on the trip.

Alternatives to Asian Beauties

ChineseWomenDate (also known as Chnlove) is another site where you’ll find marriage minded Chinese ladies. Like Asian Beauties, this site operates on the letter writing basis. The main difference here is that this site only has Chinese women on it. Like Asian Beauties, ChineseWomenDate can also end up very expensive to use, so watch your credits.

Asian Beauties is one of the many dating sites that allows you to meet Chinese ladies online

Asian Beauties is one of the many dating sites that allows you to meet Chinese ladies online

A far more cost effective way of chatting to Chinese women is to use one of the flat rate dating sites. For a monthly fee you can pretty much chat to as many ladies as you can handle. Sites worth a look are Chinese Cupid (formerly Chinese Love Links), China Love Match and Chinese Kisses. Chinese Cupid is arguably the best of the lot, with tens of thousands of ladies to chat to and some great search tools for finding your Chinese princess.

Cherry Blosssoms is also popular. This site has one of the lowest membership fees around. The site is pretty basic, but plenty of men have found Asian love on this site. Again, like Asian Beauties it’s not exclusively for Chinese women, there are Thais, Filipinas, Malaysians and other women on the site.

Finally if you don’t like the costs of Asian Beauties then how about 100% free Chinese dating? The clear leader for free Asian dating is DateInAsia. This site is well established, and claims to have over one million members. There are thousands of Chinese girls on this site. Just take care because not all the Chinese ladies on DateInAsia are marriage minded…

So Asian Beauties does have a large number of Chinese ladies available for you to browse through. The site is pretty expensive however, so you might like to try one of the flat rate sites like Chinese Cupid or Chinese Kisses instead.

Have you used Asian Beauties? What is your verdict on the site? Leave comments below!

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One Response to “Asian Beauties”

  1. This Asian Beauties ( website requires that you purchase expensive credits. You must pay 10 credits to open/read every letter, and pay 10 credits to respond to every letter. 10 credits = about $5.00, or more!

    If you continue correspondence with female members, you continue paying $5 (or higher) for every read/respond letter. ($5+$5=$10) You never stop paying the Russians who operate this website.

    When Asian female sends letter with extra pictures attached, AB website permits you look at 1st pic free, then PAY 10 credits ($5 or higher) to open/view each additional picture.

    If you try to insert your direct email, or personal address into your letter, the AB website has computer software which censors/blocks personal information. AB does not want you to exchange email/phone/address with the female members, because you are not allowed to communicate with the girls off the AB website.

    When you ask for their personal email/address/phone, the girls will not provide it, and you will be told excuses, that they wish to communicate with you only on AB, where, of course, you keep paying credits to the Russian administrators.

    In addition, the local Chinese translators may very well not provide/transfer your personal data/information to the girl when they do English–Chinese translation so the female may read your comments.

    On the video/chat box online, you must pay 1 credit per minute just to send a text message with no cam. Or, you pay 2 credits per minute to see girl on cam. Credits cost between 40 to 80 cents determined by how many you buy in bulk in one transaction. One hour = 60 minutes X 40/80 cents = $24 to $48 per hour for text box, or $48 to $96 per hour for girl on web cam.

    (All the Anastasia websites for Russian/Ukrainian/Asian, and AmoLatina websites operate on these same PAY always policies.)

    ONLINE, you type message, PAY, transmit message, PAY, girl reads message, PAY, girl thinks response, PAY, girl types, PAY, girl transmits, PAY, you receive/read, PAY, and keep on PAYING every minute. You burn through your bank account, and Russian administrators go to luxurious nightclub and eat caviar/drink expensive vodka thanks to you!

    On scam-report websites, some former AB male members report spending $$$ hundreds, even $3,000 worth of credits, and never make progress with these female members toward a serious relationship.

    On Asian Beauties, my personal profile received several hundred letters from pretty Chinese females. I couldn’t open/read them, because AB would charge thousands of dollars to do it, and thousands of dollars to respond to these nice women.

    Two Chinese women claimed to have wealthy daddies, to be affluent, and offered to come to USA, buy me a house/car if I’d be their husband!! Wow! I was getting ready to write them a letter of interest, inviting them to make the trip here at their expense. And I reviewed the profile of a stunning Chinese girl who said she was here in Los Angeles. We exchanged 1 letter.

    Then I noticed that I stopped receiving email from AB website, or notifications of new letters. I tried to log in, and was rejected. Tried to call their Customer Support with difficulty, sometimes on hold for 1 hour. Then I talked with Christina, Customer Support Manager in Russia. She was unable to provide explanation for why Ruslan, the ‘Risk Manager,’ deleted my account. I wanted to talk to Ruslan over telephone, but he was never available, and didn’t telephone me later even though Christina promised he would.

    Instead, Ruslan transmitted multiple emails asking me to photocopy both sides of my credit card, the back/front, and photocopy my personal ID, which could mean passport or state ID, and send both to him via email or fax to prove my identity to him!

    What? Does this sound like an attempt to rip off my Identity, and tap my Credit Card until wiped out? Bank of America Customer Care and I both thought it did, and I certainly wasn’t foolish enough to comply with Ruslan’s request.

    Now that Ruslan deleted my membership, I’ll never find out if those Chinese girls were serious, or bluffing, about buying me a new house!! And Ruslan and Christina never explained why I was dropped.

    My suspicion is that I wasn’t spending enough money, not responding to the hundreds of letters. Some AB girls wrote me eight or nine letters trying to prompt a response from me.

    So maybe AB drops frugal male members who are reluctant to blow big $$$, and spend just a small amount, and are highly selective in answering the females.

    I just don’t know, but I really wanted one of those rich Chinese girls to buy me a Beverly Hills mansion, and now I have to keep living in my tiny apartment instead!!

    Sincerely, JOE Duffy
    Los Angeles, California

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