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Asian Kisses De is one of the many popular Asian dating websites. As well as being a good place to find single Chinese girls seeking Western husbands, it’s also possible to find ladies from a wide range of other Asian countries.

Just to be sure, the site referred to here is Asian Kisses.De. The domain name is owned by somebody entirely different, so be careful which site you visit. Don’t worry about the .de German suffix of the domain name – the site is available in English and 24% of the male members are from the USA. It is however a very popular site for German men seeking Asian mail order brides – around a third of the male members are from Germany

One interesting thing about Asian Kisses De is that they publish a few statistics about their members. 61% of their female members are from the Philippines, 10% from Thailand, 8% from China, 6% from Indonesia, 2% from Malaysia and less than 1% each from smaller countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Asian Kisses has profiles of hundreds of attractive Chinese women on it

Asian Kisses has profiles of hundreds of attractive Chinese women on it

At only 8% Chinese this site does at first glance seem to be not so good when it comes to Chinese ladies. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that since so many Filipinas are searching for Western men online, they tend to be extremely numerous on all Asian dating websites.

There aren’t huge numbers of Chinese women on Asian Kisses De though. A search for ladies in my age range who live in the Southern Chinese city of Shenzhen returned just 33 ladies. And the majority of these ladies seem to have been registered on the site for quite some time. By contrast, a similar search on Chinese Cupid will return several hundred ladies. Using the superior geographical search function on Chinese Cupid you can also widen the search to pull in ladies from neighboring cities such as Foshan, Guangzhou and Zhuhai.

As far as facilities go, Asian Kisses De has the usual search engine and results pages. Nice features include the fact that members can upload lots of photos if they want to, and so you get a better idea of what the Chinese ladies look like.

On the downside, the site looks dated and the search engine is very basic compared to that seen on the Cupid Media sites like Chinese Cupid. But given the smaller numbers of members, maybe search technology isn’t so important on this site.

Scammers on Asian Kisses De

Are there scammers on Asian Kisses.De? It’s pretty certain there are.

Two types of scammer are common – girls asking for money, and girls trying to get you to sign up to other websites. Stay safe from the first type of scammer by not sending girls money. In any case, the Asian ladies you want to marry would never ask you for money. And if you’re chatting to a girl on Asian Kisses, then be wary of

On Asian Kisses (and any other dating site), be particularly wary of the Filipina and Thai girls, especially those under the age of 26.

In my experience, Chinese girls are less likely to be scammers than the Thais or Filipinas. For one thing they don’t usually have the good English to be able to scam men out of money. Another good thing is that it’s actually quite difficult to send money to China due to the currency controls. But I’m not saying that Chinese romance scammers don’t exist. Take things slowly with any Chinese girl you chat to, until you can be reasonably sure that she’s one of the nice girls.

Don’t be too paranoid though, or it can work against you. I’ve chatted to some of the Asian Kisses De girls and they’re very lovely indeed.

Alternatives to the Asian Kisses Dating Site

Asian Kisses has a number of sister sites. These are Chinese Kisses, Filipino Kisses, Thai Kisses and Ladyboy Kisses. If you’re certain that you want to find an Asian bride from China, Thailand or the Philippines then it might be worth joining one of these sites instead. Be careful with you’re choices if you’re not 100% sure though. I joined Japan Cupid and took out an annual membership, but when I decided I was more interested in dating Chinese girls then I had to take out a new subscription to Chinese Cupid instead. I guess it would be neat if these sites pooled their members into one monster site. The trouble is you might then be seriously overwhelmed with the number of beautiful Asian ladies you’d like to get to know better.

Of the various siblings of the Asian Kisses dating site, I like Chinese Kisses the best. There are some very nice ladies on this site. They also get less interest than they do on Chinese Love Links. So you’re a little more likely to be able to land a perfect 10 on this site!

Asian Kisses has tens of thousands of sexy Asian girls looking for Western husbands

Asian Kisses has tens of thousands of sexy Asian girls looking for Western husbands

I guess the biggest direct competitor of Asian Kisses.De is Asian This site is slick and professional, and you’ll find girls from a wide range of Asian countries on there. It’s a particularly good site for finding professional Asian ladies.

Chinese Cupid is also a tremendously popular site. This site is arguably the No.1 site that Chinese ladies know about if they want to find a foreign husband. A lot of this is word of mouth, but I’ve also seen adverts for Chinese Cupid while I’ve been surfing the web in China.

One problem with Chinese online dating is that so few girls speak or write good English. If you want to look for a girl who speaks little or no English then the language barrier is formidable. A few sites get round this by including a translator service. Popular sites include Asian Beauties, ChineseWomenDate and the LoveMe sites. These sites are very expensive to use if you want to chat to a lot of ladies. But if your knowledge of Chinese is “不好”  (Bù hǎo) then you don’t really have many other options.

So Asian Kisses De isn’t a bad Asian dating site, but there aren’t huge numbers of Chinese ladies on this site. If you’re intending to visit a particular Chinese city then you might be stuck for dates if you just use this site. Chinese Kisses might be a better bet if you like the Kisses dating sites, or try better known sites like Chinese Cupid or China Love Match.

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