If you’re interested in finding marriage minded Chinese women online, then one dating site you’ll probably come across is DateInAsia. DateInAsia differs from many of the other Chinese dating sites listed on this website, namely because:

  • It’s a 100% free dating site, with no membership fees. All you need to sign up is a mobile phone number.
  • It’s not specifically for meeting Chinese ladies, there are Asian women from a wide range of other countries on there. Filipina and Thai girls are especially numerous. You’ll also find women from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

So it’s true, DateInAsia is a totally free Chinese dating site. So what’s the catch?

In my experience there are two main problems. Firstly the site is very basic. As a website developer I’m just itching to take on the site and revamp it. But I can’t so we have to make do with what’s there. And there isn’t much. The search engine is very basic. You can search on age and country, and that’s pretty much it.

For some reason another disappointing thing is that you never seem to get a lot of interest from women on the site. This is a lot different to sites like Chinese Kisses or Chinese Love Links. I think part of the problem is that on a subscription site if you sign up for full membership then you immediately stand out on the site. By contrast DateInAsia has hundreds of thousands of men on the site, and it can be hard to make your profile stand out.

Talking of profiles – the member profiles on DateInAsia are pretty basic. You can only upload one photo, and if you’re looking for a prospective girlfriend then that’s not always enough. Chinese Kisses is much better because the members can upload many photos of themselves.

DateInAsia Scammers

The main problem with DateInAsia is that there are large numbers of players on the site. Both men and women encounter troublesome people on the site, which means that trust is sorely lacking. DateInAsia have made attempts to improve trust. You can’t register for the site unless you have a mobile phone number. But given how cheap SIM cards are these days this isn’t going to be much of a deterrent against scammers.

There are some very lovely Chinese women on DateInAsia, but you might have to search hard to find them

There are some very lovely Chinese women on DateInAsia, but you might have to search hard to find them

Personally I’ve been contacted by Chinese hookers on DateInAsia. Free dating sites are also notorious for being popular with men and women who are already married. This isn’t an Asian specific dating issue – Plenty of Fish has a similar reputation. Also you want to make sure you’re not chatting to a woman who just wants to learn English, or play online chess or something.

Having said that, it’s not too difficult to identify the scammers. The young Filipinas are a particular problem. It’s quite rare for a man seeking a Chinese wife to be interested in Filipinas though, so don’t let them distract you. Ignore anyone without a photo in their profile, or anyone who has uploaded a cartoon character or a pot plant or something. Quite often these members are scammers. African dating site scammers are always a problem. The best thing here is to make sure you see your Chinese lady on webcam, that way you’re more certain she’s real. Other than that, make sure she has a QQ account and ask to see a copy of her identity card. If you get excuses, dump her and find another woman to chat to.

If you want to find the best Chinese women on DateInAsia then look in the 30-45 age range. If you have to make a long trip to China to meet them, then I recommend finding a few reserve ladies as well. You can never be too confident in a lady you meet on a free dating site, so it’s a good idea to keep your options open. Another top tip is to visit one of the larger cities. Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Changsha and Beijing are all good choices. That way you’ll easily find other ladies you can meet if your original lady gets cold feet or you find there’s no chemistry between you in real life. Be ruthless in deleting emails from anyone who isn’t living in your chosen city.

Aaargh, free dating sites can be hazardous, but at the end of the day you can find scammers on the pay sites as well. All I can say really is that you should avoid falling in love with anyone you haven’t yet met in real life. And even then be careful. When we fall in love we’re incredibly vulnerable to scammers. So try to take things slowly at first. Once you’ve met a Chinese woman’s parents then you’re on much safer ground, but a Chinese woman will never commit until you’ve got that engagement ring on her finger.

The Best Alternatives to DateInAsia

Personally I prefer Chinese Love Links over DateInAsia. This isn’t so much related to the quality of lady on either site, or the problems with DateInAsia scammers. I prefer Chinese Love Links because it has much better facilities for keeping track of all the ladies I’m interested in. There is also a basic matchmaking feature that seems to work quite well. By contrast, if you use DateInAsia then you’ll quickly find that the facilities for storing your favorite ladies are very limited.

Find attractive Chinese women on DateInAsia, go to China and visit them. Sounds like a good plan...

Find attractive Chinese women on DateInAsia, go to China and visit them. Sounds like a good plan...

Cherry Blossoms is also a popular alternative to DateInAsia. The site has a subscription fee, but it’s one of the lowest of all the Asian dating websites. Like DateInAsia you’ll also find that the site has plenty of members from other countries apart from China. Cherry Blossoms also has a pretty high success rate for men seeking Chinese brides. One nice thing is that there are a fair number of ladies from Chnlove (ChineseWomenDate) who are also on Cherry Blossoms. But given the flat rate fee of Cherry Blossoms it’s much cheaper to talk to them on that site than the Chnlove pay per contact personals site.

I’ve also started my own Asian dating site – check it out at I’m impressed with the quality of member the site is attracting. And like DateInAsia, it also offers 100% free Asian dating!

Incidentally, DateInAsia is by no means the only free Chinese dating site available. But I’d be very wary of using the smaller free sites. Many are absolute havens for scammers. The scammers aren’t always even from China – in many cases they are the usual African dating site scammers from Nigeria or Ghana.

So if you’re looking for a Chinese dating site with free membership, then DateInAsia is worth a look. Just be aware that as a free site it has many shortcomings. If you’re serious about finding a Chinese wife online then my #1 recommendation is Chinese Love Links.

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