Want a Chinese Gf…? You’d Better Get QQ!

QQ - a brilliant little instant messaging application

QQ - a brilliant little instant messaging application

Chinese women are attracting a lot of attention from Western guys who want Asian wives and girlfriends.

One way of finding a Chinese gf is to install QQ. This is a Chinese chat application that works much the same as AOL’s instant messenger, or the equivalent Yahoo and Microsoft MSN versions.

A thing you might be surprised about is just how good QQ is. It has built in webmail, so you can email another QQ user. You can also send off-line messages (handy if there’s a big time zone difference between China and where you live).

It has built in video chat, so you can use it instead of Skype. In fact it often works better than Skype – maybe it’s been built and designed for the sometimes flaky connections that many Chinese people have to put up with in their apartment buildings.

There’s also a built in translator that will translate Chinese to and from English. I’m really impressed with this! I once talked to a Sichuan single mom who spoke pretty much no English. Yet on QQ we were able to have a pretty sophisticated conversation. And all with her not knowing English, and me not knowing a great deal of Chinese.

QQ is also a lot of fun, with it’s brilliant emoticons and ability to add photos to conversations. In fact, many girls will delight in sending you memes, little animations and other pictures that they’ve collected from their friends.

There are also built-in games, like QQ Farm. A lot of these are based on popular Western Facebook games. Unfortunately you’ll need a Chinese identity card in order to play a lot of these games. They’re also rarely available in English.

Finally, QQ has mobile versions. Sadly these are largely only available in the Chinese language. However, they will often work on our Western phones. I have a version for Android – iPhone versions are also available.

The great thing about QQ Mobile is that your girl will be able to use it to stay in touch with you, even if she’s out and about or works somewhere that doesn’t permit QQ to be used on the office computers.

Collecting QQ Numbers

Each member of QQ has a QQ number. This is a string of numbers, and you’ll need to know their number in order to contact them.

When you’re chatting to girls on a Chinese dating site like Chinese Love Links, it’s often a good idea to ask a girl for her QQ number. Then you can chat to her outside of the dating site.

It’s also common to see QQ numbers on business cards. If you’re in China and you see a hot girl, remember to ask her for her QQ number!

Chatting on QQ is a great way to find out if you like her.

A trick I also employ is to look at her QZone. This is a sort of online portal where each Chinese QQ user can establish a blog, upload photos and just generally share their life.

Not all girls will have a QZone. And some will password protect them so you’ll need to ask them for the password.

Needless to say, if a girl won’t share her life with you, then she’s generally not worth pursuing.

Another trick I’ve learnt is that you can learn an awful lot about a girl from the number and type of photos she uploads to her QZone…

  • Girls who upload many photos of people tend to be quite sociable.
  • Girls who upload many photos of themselves are often narcissists.
  • Girls with photos of trips to other countries could come from wealthy families!
  • Girls with secret, locked photo albums are to be regarded with suspicion.
  • Girls with many Western friends need to be handled with care.
  • Look out for signs of bad habits, like her smoking or drinking.
  • Most Chinese girls will have a photo or two of their moms in their album. Later in life, Chinese girls tend to look very much like their moms – so make sure you find her mom attractive also!

Of course it’s also great to see many photos of your prospective girlfriend or even wife, so go through her photos with a fine tooth comb. A woman would do exactly the same with your online photo album. One good thing is that women don’t always airbrush the photos in the QZone albums to make themselves look more beautiful (although a couple of my ex’s did!).

Incidentally, QZone isn’t available in English, so you’ll have to use the Chinese version and learn how to navigate the key sections.

QQ Scams and Strange Happenings

QQ's Penguin mascot

QQ's Penguin mascot

When I first installed QQ I was a bit mystified by it all. In those days the English version lacked a lot of the features of the Chinese version. And strange things would happen now and again.

It’s quite common for strangers to add themselves to your QQ. For this reason it’s always a good idea to be wary of new people adding themselves to your lists of QQ friends.

In fact the Chinese version of QQ does warn about scams and scammers trying to contact you through QQ.

For precaution, I tend to delete any men who add themselves to my QQ – I’m certainly not interested in chatting to them.

I’m also very wary of women who contact me. Sometimes they’re friends of friends, but it’s good to be wary. I tend to ask people who they are, just in case they’re a friend of a friend, or they’re someone I’ve given my QQ number to.

By the way, a few anti-virus packages might give you some alerts if you install QQ on your computer. Don’t worry though – it’s a legit application (provided you downloaded the official version).

One other nice thing about QQ is that since it’s so ubiquitous, you can use it to spot dating site scammers. I’ve been to China many times. To be honest, QQ is so popular, that I have a hard time believing that any younger Chinese girl doesn’t have a QQ account. So I don’t even talk to Chinese Love Links girls now if they won’t give me a QQ number.

So QQ is well worth checking out, especially if you’re serious about finding a Chinese girlfriend or wife.

If you want to install QQ, then it’s available as a download here.

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  1. Enough talk about revenue — back to the debate about who’s number one in traffic, in this still-emerging industry. QQ also launched a social networking service for college students last spring, as China Web2.0 Review’s Tangos Chan notes, called QQ Xiaoyou — in part, it’s a defensive move in the event Facebook or other social networks try to go for that demographic. Xiaoyou has more than 20 million users. So add more chalk marks to Qzone’s user-count column, perhaps? Chan also notes the company has been working on an international version to reach beyond its mainly-mainland China user base, although its unclear how many users that effort is gaining.

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