Romance Scams – Is The Girl You’re Chatting To Online A Scammer?

Internet dating can be a great way to meet somebody special. Unfortunately there are also plenty of undesirable people you can meet on dating sites.

So what are the particular issues that you might have with using Chinese dating sites? There are a number of types of lady to be careful of on Chinese dating sites:

Filipinas and Thais

Generally speaking, Chinese ladies themselves tend to be more honest than other Asian ladies you’ll meet on dating sites. And by other ladies I’m mainly referring to Filipinas and Thais. Many Thai ladies work in the entertainment industry so they’re experts at extracting money from men. Increasing numbers use the internet to supplement their offline earnings from clubs and bars. Filipinas are also dangerous. Many Filipinas speak and write reasonable English. This allows them to sign up to dating sites in large numbers and scam men.

If you’re interested in dating Chinese women then it’s best to ignore the Filipinas and Thais. Actually, most men seeking Chinese brides tend to avoid them anyway. Thais and Filipinas are a particular hazard on Cherry Blossoms and DateInAsia. They’ll also pop up occasionally on Chinese Love Links, and I’ve seen them on Japan Cupid as well.

I must admit that I’ve never had a Chinese girl ask me for money on a dating site. If you have had this happen to you then it would be great if you could share your experiences of this – add comments below.


African scammers are very numerous on dating sites, and you’ll find them on Chinese dating sites as well. African romance scammers are very dangerous. I watched a TV documentary on Nigerian romance scammers, and I was impressed at how good these men are at convincing people to part with their cash. Scammers target both men and women, and I know Chinese Love Links female members who have been contacted by African and Middle Eastern scammers.

Thankfully it’s not too difficult to detect these scammers. First of all the scammers usually contact you. They frequently don’t have photos in their profile. Needless to say they’ll also decline your invitations to see them on webcam.

Some websites have IP address lookup tools that will tell you which country the member’s computer is from. However, bear in mind that it’s not difficult to work round this. There are also plenty of African men living in China itself, particularly in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Short of hiring a private detective to background check a lady, the main thing to bear in mind is to be careful when chatting to anyone on a Chinese dating site. In particular, don’t send them money, and never get involved with business transactions with a lady. If you’re looking for a Chinese wife, politely refuse any requests to get involved with an import/export deal she might be running, or anything else. Often these are just covers for advanced fee frauds, and if you send a lady money through Western Union, you’re very unlikely to see her or the money again.

Pro Cam Girls

One scam I’ve personally experienced (though not lost any money to) are girls acting as affiliates for other dating sites or webcam chat sites. Basically they’ll send you an email on Chinese Love Links or another site and tell you they don’t write much English. They’ll then tell you that you can chat to them on another site. Invariably this site will charge you every time you send a letter to a girl.

All I can say for this type of girl is to just delete their emails immediately, and report them to the site operator.

The same goes for girls who tell you to sign up to another site with the promise of a sexy webcam show. Invariably this will be an expensive pay per minute type of site, and they’re not the kinds of places you need to be distracted with when you’re looking for an Asian wife online.

Pro Daters

Some ladies aren’t trying to scam you out of money through the dating site. But there are plenty of professional daters who will beg you to come visit them. Once you’re in China she’ll take you to expensive shops and restaurants. You’ll end up spending a lot of money. The good thing is that you’ll have a helluva good time on the trip!

There are some terrific ladies on Chinese dating sites, so don't waste time and money talking to the scammers

There are some terrific ladies on Chinese dating sites, so don't waste time and money talking to the scammers

But on the downside, this lady will have no intention of marrying you. If that’s what you want, then ultimately the trip will be a big waste of money.

One variant of the pro dater is the pro dater working in league with her marriage agency or translator. These scams are fairly common if you meet a lady on Chnlove or ChineseWomanDate, so lookout for them. Sometimes the translator is the scammer, sometimes it’s the lady, and often it’s both of them working together. What will happen is that you’ll be taken to expensive shops and restaurants, as well as being overcharged for the translator’s services.

The best way to avoid this type of scam is to find your own translator, and if you’re with a lady then set your own agenda. Don’t ever take a lady shopping (although window shopping is perfectly acceptable!)

Another top tip is to research the city you’re going to visit and earmark some popular tourist attractions where you can take ladies on dates. Zoos, pagodas, gardens and riverside walks are all good ideas for this.

So hopefully this gives you an idea of some of the typical undesirables to look out for on Chinese dating sites. Don’t be too paranoid though, there are some terrific girls on sites like Chinese Love Links and Cherry Blossoms – if you can spot them.

Have you met romance scammers on Chinese dating sites? Have you had big problems with scammers? Leave your comments below.

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9 Responses to “Romance Scams – Is The Girl You’re Chatting To Online A Scammer?”

  1. I have found a filipina girl on Senior People living in Shenzhen. She wants to come to US and Has put me in touch with a travel agency to get her a visa. The travel agency wants me to send them a fee for the visa and air travel. I am very learey of this since they only use western union which is notorious with scammers. This agency has a web site but it looks suspicious, Does any one know if this site is legitimate.

  2. Hi Greg,

    Sadly I can confirm this is 200% a scam! Don’t send any money, and never chat to this girl again.

    • i have gotten hit by this very same scam, she even give me a phone number to which i called and talked to her,she is filipina and lives in china too as a nanny, never no cam tho and i often wondered about this , just got this email from the so call wotlt agency she had me contact and here it is >>>Dear Sir,

      Thank you for contacting World Over Travel Links & Tours.We are pleased to respond positively to your inquiry about securing a visa for your girlfriend to visit you once our requirements are met.Please find below the requirements for us to make a successful application on her behalf:

      * The applicant must be resident here in China.
      * International passport valid for at least one year.
      * Resident permits enabling applicant to live in china.
      * Working permit showing the applicant works in china.
      * A round trip ticket from China to the USA and back to China
      * Four passport photograph.
      * USD550 for a 3 months visa and USD650 for a 6 months visa,this money covers the visa fee, medicals, insurance and other administrative paper work needed to be done.

      Our services are a packaged deal, which means that we secure both the visa and the ticket for our customers. We are sorry we cannot give you a quote for the ticket right now as you have not stated what airport you would want your girlfriend to fly into, as different airports attracts different prices.Please give us this information and we will give you a very good quote for the round trip ticket.

      Should you have any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be glad to assist you.We look forward to rendering you the best of our professional services.

      Anna Liu
      i hope this helps in anyway possible and i am glad i found this web sight THANK YOU!!! Randy

  3. It has happen exactly the same thing to me.
    Found a philipino girl on who was a nanny in Shenzhen China and she known the agency WOTLT. They ask me money for visa, travel and show money.

    They look as good girl and lovely and are quite able to put in you the doubt that everything is real.

    Do not trust in them!!


  4. I was conversing with a Lady for 3 months then when i contacted the site they told me the lady pulled her profile off the site with no contact details could not contact the lady again.
    Cost me a lot of money
    found her photo on another site and she does not even reply so it seems she does not know me at all

  5. I am going to China about 2 weeks for visit a girl that I met on asianbeauties. I live in Norway. She has send me privat picture with my name on a paper. She even write me mail. But she prefer to chat on the asianbeauties site, who cost me a lot of money. She said that she dont have camera, and I havent got her mob.number. She seems very serios on the other hand. I am a little confused. I have never been in China before. I am 50, and she is 45. She have not mention money yet. What is the worst who can happend.?

    • Hi Kjell,

      Yeah be careful out here!

      I would worry about the marriage agency representing the lady trying to charge you fees for this, that and everything.

      At least your age difference is reasonable, you could be a great couple.

      I’m currently living in China – my best advice to you is see if you can live here for 6 months to a year, then you’ll have your pick of the available beauties here. And best of all you’ll avoid so many cheats and scammers because you’ll be able to meet ladies in real life.

      Good luck!

  6. I met a Filipina on japan cupid she lives and works in Dongguan,Guangdong China as a English teacher and has a bachelors degree in elementary education grades 6-10 she’s tutoring Chinese children in English and is 34 years old. I’ve been e-mailing, texting and talking to her on the phone. She calls me and I’ll call her. It’s been 2 months now off of the dating site. She hasn’t asked me for any money or asked to come and visit. But I did invite her to come and see me though.

    I told her that it wouldn’t be till after the first of the year when she could come. She said that would be fine. I done it that way to see if she was really genuine about coming to see me.

    I asked her to check on the visa and plane tickets round trip it took about three days and she sent me all the info in full detail. She also said that the travel agency would accept a bank transfer and would give full refund back to my account if visa disapproved.

    I know you said beware of Filipinas. I even have her address where she lives and have sent her flowers and she got them. She has sent me all kinds of photos. She seems really straight forward and genuine how can I tell if she’s trying to pull a scam. I would sure hate to write her off if she’s for real. I don’t want to offend her or scare her off. If it could work out.

    I don’t mind the age difference she had a preference of 40 to 60 and I’m 50. If you got any good advice it would be appreciated

    • Hi Ron,

      It’s kind of hard to tell in this kind of situation. But my advice is to go visit a girl in her country rather than try and get a visa for her to visit yours.

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